Juwelis – About us


Our JUWELIS principle

We are committed to ensuring that people treat each other with appreciation, respect and openness, regardless of age, gender, origin or religion.

It is also our goal to give people material or immaterial values that create added value for these individuals and to make a contribution to GLOBAL EQUALITY.

We would like to express our gratitude to JUWELIS Digital Systems AG for the support as a member of our association and for its donations.

The idea of founding JUWELIS Human Care as an association was born on a business trip to Liberia, Africa, with a humanitarian background in 2013, initially only as a framework for a small group of people who shared the same objective and still share it today.

Since 2013, we have consistently pursued our goal of helping other people, but of course also working on the basis of life for the benefit of mankind and developing projects which:

  • provide clean drinking water
  • Create safety and housing needs
  • for the preservation of the environment on land, water, air and
  • thus, also to protect and preserve our animal world
Without these basics, our lives are difficult to live in and threaten our lives.

This also means helping people to a livelihood that these people:

receive training

learn how to help themself

not having to leave their families and home

to be able to teach “help for self-help” to other people in their hometown and country

on their own responsibility and with their own appreciation

without having to experience contempt and discrimination

For these reasons, the JUWELIS Human Care Association was founded in 2015 and restructured in 2020 with the goal to offer a common platform for more people and other associations that share the same goals in order to achieve precisely THESE GOALS TOGETHER.

"We are only strong as a community if we combine our know-how and our life experiences - for the benefit of the people who urgently need our help."

That is why we have founded and supported various projects in the past and can now sustain and form new projects with new support.

YOU, as an individual or as a corporation or association


And to unite our common strengths, of course while maintaining your own structure and independence.