Juwelis – Projekte


Our projects and other goals for existing projects are

  • close cooperation with other associations and organizations
  • to increase the number of our association members, because every "helpful hand" counts
  • to give our members added value to promote the community and projects
  • to give our sponsoring members added value while at the same time realizing the stated goals and projects with faster speed


Our new projects

The goal of the JUWELIS Group is to combine commercial interests with humanitarian goals and to support these humanitarian projects with part of the profits out of these projects. Further information can be found at

JUWELIS Digital Systems

and the associated products make it possible to make PAYMENT SYSTEMS available worldwide in a cost-effective and efficient manner via JUWELIS Mobile App to people who are infrastructurally disadvantaged, but who still have an old smartphone.

To establish the JUWELIS coin "JUWEL" as a future means of payment together with the JUWELIS token for "tokenized projects" in the future.

JUWELIS Shop „Help & Hope“

is the "ONLINE Shop" that is being prepared and will implement some of the JUWELIS goals mentioned.

In future, there will not only be products for healthy food and water, but also for people and artists around the world as global platform on which traditional products and craftsmanship can be sold to provide additional income for these people locally to generate income. With our own JUWELIS "Eco-Finance and Payment System", such payment is available worldwide in real time (Internet connection required and mobile app based).

JUWELIS „Biker Club“

will organize individual memberships as well as other non-profit associations for the union of common interests and to carry out joint events as another JUWELIS project.

You are all cordially invited to participate. The JUWELIS Biker Club intends to use partial proceeds from the joint activities to create a new aid fund to provide financial aid to bikers who have suffered physical injuries due to bike accidents.

JUWELIS Trade & Invest

will also provide a trading platform that will make it possible to trade regional products on a more global basis.


In the future, JUWELIS Academy will support interested people in their education, but also provide goal-oriented training in certain areas to create success in different areas. For that purpose, we use our own video and communication system "JUWELIS TALK" Which allows video conferences in HD quality, with own chat room and much more. The system is operated on our own secure servers in Europe with maximum security.