Juwelis – Vereinsmitgliedschaft

— JUWELIS Human Care

Association Membership

Our membership fee is as follows:


98,00 EUR per year

Organizations or corporations

248,00 EUR per year

Supporting members

98,00 EUR per year with further individual advantages by arrangement

Honorary members

free of charge and are appointed by the board of the association at its sole discretion


the following services are included in the membership fee
Further membership benefits will follow on request.

Legal Notice:

  • Membership in our association is on a voluntary basis, without any further legal obligations
  • The board of the association decides on the acceptance of the application for membership. The application must be submitted in writing or in text form by email to [email protected] or alternatively via https://juwelis.digital/shop/
  • Acceptance of membership will be communicated from us in text form and will also be sent to the email address you provided and verified by us.
  • If an application for membership is rejected, at our sole discretion, we will reimburse you the paid membership fee in full
  • Membership can be terminated at any time without time limit. Termination must be in text form via email [email protected] , stating your membership number
  • If you cancel your membership, your payment not be reimbursed neither in full nor partially, but you will receive the agreed "Gold Bonus" as described above after the end of the 12 months
  • In the event of a justified termination of your membership by the Board of Directors, your membership fee will be reimbursed pro rata, however, the delivery of the "Gold Bonus" will be waived.
  • The principles of the applicable association statutes apply, which you can find on the website www.juwelis.foundation and as an attachment when you confirm your application for membership. Registration of the association and statutes
  • The board of the association or the operator of this website reserves the right to make changes and additions in technical or administrative terms.